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Discovery of Learning is a multi-age enrichment program with a child-centered, developmental, project-based, hands-on approach. We have classes to fit all ages, from kindergarten to junior high – all with family, community feel. You won’t find any other homeschool program like it!

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Thursday, March 19 or Tuesday, April 14
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March 19, April 14, or April 16
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Yorba Linda: Saturday, May 16 at 9am-2pm
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Huntington Beach: Saturday, June 6 at 10am-2pm
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Discovery of Learning Preschool & Homeschool Programs

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With a degree in Early Childhood Education and a drive to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families, Amy McCamly created Discovery of Learning to provide a program with elements she found lacking in traditional public schools while building a community among homeschooling families.

Discovery of Learning is unlike any other traditional or homeschool program in Orange County, with two key guiding principles: Community and Consistency.


At Discovery of Learning, children come to class several days per week, giving them the opportunity to make friends. And, because life is about working with those we don’t always like, children and families learn to talk through their disagreements and problem-solve together, facilitated by teachers in a safe environment.


Because all Discovery of Learning teachers are handpicked by us, we provide a consistent method for handling disagreements, motivation, and discipline—from class to class, from the core program to electives classes, and from preschool to school age. No stickers or food as rewards or demerits for punishment here—at Discovery of Learning, teachers work closely with students to keep learning child-led, guided by their own natural motivations and interests.

Discovery of Learning’s Philosophy

Discovery of Learning’s programs are inspired by the educational philosophies of Bev Bos, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia.

  • Classes address the whole child and adapt to multiple learning styles.
  • Children learn valuable problem solving and critical thinking skills when teachers and/or parents support the social and emotional development of each child.
  • Learning takes place at a child’s own pace, giving students opportunities to make choices about how to approach a subject.
  • Science and History, Discovery of LearningTeachers provide the children with immediate feedback, working collaboratively to make changes to their work and learn from it.
  • Students are able to move around the room, interact with each other on the floor, and make decisions together.
  • Classes are not divided according to child age or grade level, but grouped together in grade ranges, giving children an opportunity to learn and work to the best of their ability.
  • Diversity in age allows children to learn that there are multiple solutions to problems.
  • Discovery of Learning Homeschool CenterLunch and outdoor exploration time are considered an extension of the learning environment and are crucial to the child’s social, physical, and intellectual development.
  • Suggestions and recommendations via “Family Feedback” Sessions are vital to the growth of the Learning Center and children participate in this interactive process.

About Us

Discovery of Learning offers a wide variety of programs and classes to meet your needs. Our Homeschool Core Program and Electives Classes are designed for children 5-14 years, while the Summer Program is for a wide range of ages and incorporates a variety of subjects and activities.

To learn more about the range of classes we offer, please click here.

Meet Our Founder

Discovery of Learning was founded by Amy McCamly. With a passion for children and education, she wanted to create a homeschooling program that also builds a community for students and parents. Read her story here.

Meet Our Teachers*

Children of Discovery of Learning’s Homeschool Program are guided by some fantastic teachers. Read more about them here.

*Why “teacher” and not “facilitator”? At Discovery of Learning, a teacher is someone who works with children; together, the child and teacher create a learning experience that is based on the child’s own interests. Our teachers are knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects to keep the children engaged in the learning process. They bring a passion for education and a spirit of inspiration to our learning environment.

Meet Our Administration

Kristy Cronkrite, Business Development Manager, assists Amy in the administrative duties of Discovery of Learning. She also manages online registration and is our web administrator. Read more about Kristy here.

Schedule a Visit

If you are interested in learning more about our program or taking a tour, please contact us to schedule a visit or observe a class; no drop-in’s please.

Discovery of Learning Homeschool Center

THANK-YOU to all of our donors who have so generously contributed to the Discovery of Learning Homeschool Center:

Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Sloan
Nnenna & James Franciamore
Damion & Lily Stein
Audra Savage
Tracy & Brian Farr
James & Louise Poole
Harold Manier
Lisa Woods & Family
Diann Lacey
Kari Krager & James Birmingham
Hector & Lyn Vargas
The Silva Family

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